Research profile

11/2010 – 04/2021: Research activities in Germany (Berlin) , USA (Albuquerque), Austria (Innsbruck), China (Jinhua), and New Zealand (Auckland).

07/2008 – 11/2010: PhD, “Photon statistics and phonon signatures in the quantum light emission from semiconductor quantum dots”, TU Berlin, Germany.

10/2002– 06/2008: Study of physics, Diploma thesis, TU Berlin, Germany.

10/1997– 09/2002: Study of philology, Master thesis, FU Berlin, Germany.

Research Fields

  • Semiconductor Quantum Optics
  • Nonlinear optics, Mollow Triplet
  • Photon statistics and entanglement
  • Single photon emission and single quantum dot laser
  • Quantum self-feedback, Non-Markovian System-Bath interaction
  • Non-equilibrium phonon distributions – phonon lasing
  • Strongly-correlated spin system – Kitaev chain

Research seminar. Group members discuss various topics: quantum computation, open quantum systems, quantum teleportation, non-Markovian master equations, quantum state tomography, scattering theory …

Master thesis:Theorie quantisierter Anregungen in gekoppelten Nanostrukturen,
Technische Universität Berlin (2008)

PhD thesis: Theory for strongly coupled quantum dot cavity quantum electrodynamics – Photon statistics and phonon signatures in quantum light emission,Technische Universität Berlin (2010)


WiSe 2015/16: Quantenoptik (2SWS)

SoSe 2017: Quantenverschränkung und Photonstatistik (2SWS)

WiSe 2017/18: Theoretische Physik VI: Theoretische Quantenoptik (4SWS)

Sose 2018: Quantum dissipation (Jinhua lecture)

Jinhua: Quantum Optics Lecture

Quantum dissipation Lecture (Jinhua/Zhejiang Normal University).
Given from 9.10.2018 – 24.10.2018 in the department of Physics. 
This lecture covers techniques to treat open quantum systems in the Markovian and non-Markovian regime.

1. Brownian motion Langevinpdf9.10.2018
2. Quantum Langevin approachpdf 11.10.2018
3. Quantum master equation.pdf15.10.2018
4. Quantum master equation. Examples.pdf16.10.2018
5. Liouvillian propagator method. pdf17.10.2018
6. Independent boson model. pdf18.10.2018
7. Quantum optical master equation. pdf22.10.2018
8. Quantum feedback. Single-excitation limit. pdf23.10.2018
9. Quantum feedback. Matrix product states.pdf24.10.2018

Conference Contributions

Invited talks


  • “Pronounced non-Markovian features in multiply-excited, multiple-emitter wQED”, WQED20: 2nd workshop on waveguide QED, Mazara del Vallo, Italy, June 2020. [cancelled – COVID-19]
  • “Role of quantum feedback and noise for optical coherence”, DynamicsDays2020 – XL, Nizza, France, August 2020. [cancelled – COVID-19]


  • ”Non-Markovian signtures in semiconductor quantum optics“, EQEP 2019: 7th International workshop on Engineering of Quantum Emitter properties, TU BerlinGermany, December 2019.
  • “Non-Markovian feedback control of photon statistics and quantum many-body dynamics”, Quantum Information & Manipulation Seminar, Dodd-Walls Centre, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, March 2019. [PDF]
  • “Non-Markovian signals and decoherence suppression in semiconductor quantum dots”, PQE, Snowbird, Utah, USA, January 2019. [PDF]


  • “Non-Markovian feedback control of photon statistics and quantum many-body dynamics”, Colloquium, State Key Laboratory of Quantum Optics and Quantum Optics Devices, Taiyuan, China, October 2018. [PDF]
  • “Correlations of cascaded photons: Two-photon processes in the Mollow regime”, META Conference, Round-Trip Marseille, France, June 2018. [PDF]
  • “Addressing non-equilibrium phonon dynamics in semiconductor quantum dot-optomechanics“, SPIE Photonics West, San Francisco, CA, USA, February 2018. [PDF]
  • “Quantum feedback in quantum dot-waveguide structures”, PQE, Snowbird, Utah, USA, January 2017. [PDF]


  • “Steering quantum properties in nanostructured semiconductor environments“, PQE, Snowbird, Utah, USA, January 2017. [PDF]
  • “Two-Photon Quantum Interference”, Introductorial Talk, School of Nanophotonics, Graal-Müritz, Germany, June 2017.
  • “Quantum Feedback and Noise”, Workshop “Control of Self-Organizing Nonlinear Systems”, Lutherstadt, Wittenberg, Germany, August 2017. [PDF]


  • “Quantum feedback stabilized solid-state emitters“, FOPS, Breckenridge, CO, USA, August 2015. [PDF]
  • “Quantum theory of light-matter interaction in dissipative and non-equilibrium environments”, Colloquium, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, USA, February 2015. [PDF]
  • “Quantum optics in many-body physics: Superradiance, quantum feedback, and optomechanical quantum nonlinearities“, SPIE Photonics West, San Francisco, USA, January 2015. [PDF]


  • “Theory of an Optically Driven Quantum Dot Phonon Laser“, International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors (ICPS), Austin, Texas, USA, July 2014. [PDF]
  • “Theory of feedback control of quantum light and phonon emission from semiconductor quantum dots“, Physics of Quantum Electronics (PQE), Snowbird Utah, USA, January 2014.


  • “Nanomechanics Strongly Coupled to a Rydberg Superatom”, Universität Heidelberg, Rydberg meeting with group of Prof. Weidemüller, Heidelberg, Germany, November 2013. [PDF]


  • “Quantum Dot cavity-QED: Addressing entanglement, non-equilibrium phonon, and photon distributions”, Center of Optoelectronics and Photonics (CeOPP), Universität Paderborn, Graduate Lecture, Germany, June 2012. [PDF]
  • “Quantum Dot cavity-QED: Addressing entanglement, non-equilibrium phonon, and photon distributions”, Universität Bayreuth, Institut für Theoretische Physik, SeminarBayreuth, Germany, April 2012. [PDF]
  • “Theory of quantum control of semiconductor quantum dots in complex environments”, DPG-Frühjahrstagung, Berlin, Germany, March 2012. 
  • “Quantum dot cavity-QED: Phonon-assisted strong coupling”,   Physics of Quantum Electronics (PQE), Snowbird Utah, USA, January 2012. [PDF]  


  • “Semiconductor Quantum Optics within an Inductive Equation of Motion approach”, Walther-Schottky-Institut, Technische Universität München, Garching, Germany, October 2011.
  • “Photon Statistics and phonon signatures in the quantum light emission from semiconductor quantum dots”, SPIE Photonics West, San Francisco, USA, January 2011.
  • “Theory of quantum dot cavity-QED: LO-phonon induced antibunching of thermal radiation and cavity feeding”, Physics of Quantum Electronics (PQE), Snowbird Utah, USA, January 2011. [PDF]
  • “Theory of coherence induced control of photon statistics”, Physics of Quantum Electronics (PQE), Snowbird Utah, USA, January 2011.


  • J. Kabuß, A. Carmele et al, “Theory of Light Scattering From Semiconductor Quantum Dots”, International Workshop on Theoretical and Computational Nano-Photonics (TaCoNa), Bad Honnef, Germany, November 2010.
  • A. Carmele, J. Kabuß et al, “Phonon signatures in quantum light emission from semiconductor QDs”, Seminar talk at the Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, Magdeburg, Germany, November 2010. [PDF]
  • A. Carmele et al, “Quantum light emission from Cavity enhanced LEDs”, Numerical Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices (NUSOD) at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA, September 2010. [PDF]
  • A. Carmele, J. Kabuß et al, “Photon Statistics and Entanglement in Phonon-assisted Quantum light emission from Semiconductor Quantum Dots”, Nonlinear Optics and Excitation Kinetics in Semiconductors (NOEKS), Paderborn, Germany, August 2010.


  • A. Carmele et al, “Photon statistics and entanglement in quantum light emission from semiconductor quantum dots”, Colloqiuum talk at the University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany, November 2009. [PDF]